Create A Supported Mentoring Career

Mentors Professional Workshop is there for you during your training and we support you during your career by offering you clients, continuing education and a forum to share experiences with other Mentors.

There are three challenges to having a great career as a mentor for young adults:

1) Finding clients
2) Keeping current to help your clients
3) Burn out

1) Finding clients to Mentor:

It is a difficult and challenging undertaking to find the right clients for your practice. World Wide Youth Mentoring Inc. (WWYM) has spent the past 10 years mastering the use of website based promotion, along with Ken's Huffington Post articles, his book "The Slacker's Guide to Success" and various guest appearances to create a high profile for parents seeking mentors.

Not only do we get clients for you but we choose the right clients for you based on our experience, your study history with us and the level you have achieved. (1st degree Mentors are not getting Master Level Mentor challenged clients).

2) Keeping Current to Help Your Clients

Mentoring young adults is an every-changing landscape. If you were stuck alone in your practice, you would need to do hundreds of hours of research to stay current. Millennials, Generation Z, and soon Generation Alpha have so many different issues and need to be addressed in different ways. When you study you learn up-to-the-minute information on how to mentor teens and young adults (as well as family issues) but as you grow in your practice, you will always have the options to get the most recent new information to see your practice strong.


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