I was a client of Ken's for several years before deciding I wanted to become a Mentor for Young Adults. I love it! It's interesting seeing the process from both sides now. Ken reminds me that the way he Mentored me is only one of dozens of ways that I will learn to mentor others. It really depends on what they need. I find the course challenging but in a good way. This makes me feel great about myself. I love helping others and have been inspired by the work being mentored has given me.

Would I recommend this to someone? Absolutely! But only if you are willing to show up every week, do the work and go the distance. You won't regret it!

Z'ev Glick, 1st Degree Mentor 1709

Going into my second year as a Resident Mentor at World Wide Youth Mentoring Inc and a graduate of the 1st degree at Mentors Professional Workshop, I can tell you this is the most satisfaction I have ever felt in anything I have done so far. I have done a lot of volunteering with youth, kids clubs, honor programs for kids but working one on one with a client who is lost and helping them find their way is just a moving experience.

I recommend this program to anyone who would love to mentor young adults. Don't let the one year training throw you off. That's what helped make me be the mentor I am today. I look forward to taking 2nd degree and then Master Level with Ken someday soon!

Interested in becoming a mentor? Check out more info at Mentors Professional Workshop. Click here


Jason Munroe, Resident Mentor - 1st Degree

Taking the course with Ken at Mentors Professional Workshop has been an awesome experience for me. I love the way the course is set up and the opportunity to work with other mentors is a great one. I feel I'm getting ready to become a mentor who can help young adults succeed and I really appreciate the fact that when I graduate, I have support of the resident mentoring program.

From what I understand, the resident mentoring program continues to provide me with support in my first year as a professional mentor for teens and young adults. A senior level mentor (either 2nd degree or Master Level Mentor) works with me on 1 of every four sessions. This gives me the opportunity to see the things I will learn in the advanced program but also I like the idea of someone being there to support me.

Thanks Ken! I am looking forward to my first client and using all the profound lessons you have taught me.

Mr. Sean Nantel, Sean is a 1709 1st Degree Mentor

In my line of work (and regularly in my personal experiences) I had often perceived a lack of direction and focus in many of the millenials I interacted with. So when this course was brought to my attention it certainly peaked my interest as a way to further develop my ability to communicate and thus effectively motivate and manage this very capable demographic.


As we approach the halfway mark of part two of the first step of the first degree I can confidently say that I already have a better understanding of the way in which millenials perceive and interact with their personal and professional environments. I expect as the classes continue to gain even more knowledge on how to bring back the best parts of the 'village' mentality for mentoring and supporting.


If I were to sum my experience so far into a single overarching concept, it is that this program strives to focus on the positive attributes of the millenial demographic and how best to transform the breadth and depth of their ability into positive outcomes both for themselves and their 'village' rather than a discussion on how to establish control over them. Ken's stepwise approach of teaching, mixed with facts, concrete client examples, and plenty of opportunities for questioning and discussions has already helped change my mindset and given me a deeper perception of my listening skills in new ways that have already proven useful on a regular basis both personally and professionally.

Aaron Schrijver,