Taking the course with Ken at Mentors Professional Workshop has been an awesome experience for me. I love the way the course is set up and the opportunity to work with other mentors is a great one. I feel I'm getting ready to become a mentor who can help young adults succeed and I really appreciate the fact that when I graduate, I have support of the resident mentoring program.

From what I understand, the resident mentoring program continues to provide me with support in my first year as a professional mentor for teens and young adults. A senior level mentor (either 2nd degree or Master Level Mentor) works with me on 1 of every four sessions. This gives me the opportunity to see the things I will learn in the advanced program but also I like the idea of someone being there to support me.

Thanks Ken! I am looking forward to my first client and using all the profound lessons you have taught me.

Mr. Sean Nantel, Sean is a 1709 1st Degree Mentor