• I have a question about starting pay and how many mentees I would get. I wanted to know what the starting pay for a mentor would be and what would it scale to $wise once I am ready to take on more than one mentee?

    Good question! Once you have passed all three modules (and you only pay per module) you start with one mentee in the first month,. Once that goes well, we add two more in the next month. With just 6 hours a week (three mentees twice a week) at $40 per hour, you are getting $1,000 per month. You have paid back your investment in 3 - 4 months and can slowly build up the amount of hours you do.

  • What is the maximum mentees I could realistically be working with to make this a more decent full time income?

    Each mentee is seen once or twice a week for one full hour at a time. 6 hours a week would be 3 - 4 mentees. It takes at least a year to become full time. We want it to be a slow transition and a permanent long-lasting career. Maximum hours of mentoring is 20 per week. More than that causes burn-out. Once you achieve 20 hours a week and show that you are good at training others, you can add coaching new mentor trainees and eventually being a Resident Mentor to other new mentors (those are at $50 per hour). This can be for a maximum of an additional 16 - 20 hours a week.

  • How much money does a mentor make with your program?

    A 1st degree mentor can earn $40,000 a year part-time (20 hours a week) to full time $90,000 a year. 1st degree mentors earn $40 per hour. “Parent time” earns you $50 per hour and should you choose to coach (after 1 year) or become a Resident Mentor it is also at $50 per hour. You also get to write off part of your office, computer, etc. (Based on what your accountant advises, of course) The good news is re: earnings: Mentees stay 9 - 15 months. You don’t have to find them, we do that. No advertising costs or office costs.

  • I have a full time job and I just want this part time. Is that doable?

    That is the best way to transition into being a mentor. The first year in study requires only two hours, one evening a week (beside the one intensive weekend in the year) and when you start mentoring, you begin with just one client. Once you have a client become a continuous client, you get another. You slowly build up your practice, you slowly build up your skills and it grows the best way... organically.

  • What is the cost of your program and how does it work?

    There are three modules, and you only pay for one module at a time. There are a mix of on-demand videos to study when you have time and also recieve live one on one practice and support with mentors who work with me. There are 13 1-hour videos with me training you in the first module with two 30 minute live mentor practices with The mentors who work with me. In the 2nd and 3rd modules, there are 12 1-hour videos and 5 45-minute live mentor practices There are live mentor tests and written tests at the end of each module that you need to pass to go on to the next level. Here is the pricing: Module 1: $599.95 Module 2: 2 payments of $599.95 Module 3: 2 payments of $599.95 Go to the "Programs" tab to get more info on the curriculum

  • Is there a timeframe to finish the modules? Is it self paced?

    It is self-paced. My rule of thumb is casual study is one hour a week. Intermediate study is 2 hours a week And intensive study (no life but this) 3 hours a week. To me, casual allows you to really take in all the teachings. That would take about 6 months to complete at that speed. You have up to year to complete your course it and can ask for an extension.

  • What topics are off-limits with my mentee?

    We avoid Religion, Sex and Politics. Should they bring up religion or politics, we listen and connect where it impacts them and how they feel. We NEVER talk about sex or sexuality.

  • Are there ongoing fees monthly or annually regarding this program once I am mentoring with you?

    The cost of the course is your only cost. Outside of that, you need a Paypal account (or something similar) to bill me each month for your money earned. We take care of everything else. Ongoing mentor rounds for more learning is included. Having us take care of scheduling and interview the prospective mentee is included. You always have access to senior mentors and WWYM office for questions regarding your practice and whatever arises.

  • Health care: I am familiar with being a self-contractor, Are the Coaches and mentors responsible regarding their health insurance?

    Yes. You are an independent contractor and are responsible for your health insurance. as well as your taxes. Our program does cover errors and omissions insurance across the world, which you do not pay for and is good for all mentees and families you work with through us.

Becoming a 1st Degree Mentor

Module 1 is for everyone: Parents and Mentors In Training.
Passing all three modules will certify you as a professional World Wide Youth Mentor, working with us to Mentor Young Adults online.






Module 1
Module 2
2 x $599.95
Module 3
2 x $599.95

 * ODV: On-Demand Videos (Recordings of Ken Rabow's mentoring course)

 * LMP: Live Mentor Practice (Where the MIT practices with experienced mentors)

 * LMT: Live Mentor Tests (At the end of each Module)

 * WT:  Written Test (At the end of each Module)

Additional Options

Item Pricing
Live Mentor Practice (LMP)  $49.95 for 30 minutes
Live Mentor Practice (LMP) $74.95 for 45 minutes
Live Mentor Test (LMT) $49.95

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