Becoming a 1st Degree Mentor

Module 1 is for everyone: Parents and Mentors In Training.
Passing all three modules will certify you as a professional World Wide Youth Mentor, working with us to Mentor Young Adults online.






Module 1
2 x $299.95
Module 2
2 x $599.95
Module 3
2 x $599.95

 * ODV: On-Demand Videos (Recordings of Ken Rabow's mentoring course)

 * LMP: Live Mentor Practice (Where the MIT practices with experienced mentors)

 * LMT: Live Mentor Tests (At the end of each Module)

 * WT:  Written Test (At the end of each Module)

Additional Options

Item Pricing
Single Lesson $49.95
Live Mentor Practice (LMP) $74.95 for 45 minutes
Live Mentor Test (LMT) $49.95


  • Do you hire counselors/coaches/mentors/tutors, or is your organization all voluntary?

    We do pay our mentors. They have to have taken and passed all three Professional Program modules. We advertise and seek out the right mentees for the right mentors, we supply the scheduling, we do the billing and payments and we protect our mentors with errors and omissions insurance.

  • How do I know I will make a good Mentor for young adults?

    The best Mentors are people who have had a successful career, have spent many hours helping friends, family members or others in need in their community and have a deep desire for their work to be meaningful.

  • I'm already in my 50's. Is that too old?

    That's a great age for Mentors! In the training you will receive, you will learn how to enter their world as a curious detective (vs an inquisitor who already know the answers) and you will learn so much from them. Just be open to check out the music they love, the articles / books they read and learn to enjoy being in the mindset of teens and twenty-somethings. I find it keeps me young and informed on things few of my friends are hip to.

  • I have a full time job and I just want this part time. Is that doable?

    That is the best way to transition into being a mentor. The first year in study requires only two hours, one evening a week (beside the one intensive weekend in the year) and when you start mentoring, you begin with just one client. Once you have a client become a continuous client, you get another. You slowly build up your practice, you slowly build up your skills and it grows the best way... organically.

  • I'm semi-retired and I have a strong desire to help the next generation have as good a life as I do. Is this a good vehicle for that?

    It is the perfect vehicle for that! You will learn that in mentoring young adults and helping families get passed the mis-communications, all of your experience will come in to play. You will also gain more skills in areas you may not have worked on before. Anxiety, addictions, self-sabotage, mental health issues, but any experience you have in these areas plus your personal life experience is what will make you a great listener and a powerful mentor.

  • I already have life-coaching degrees. I also have a few other degrees in the field of psychology. Can I skip the first degree and just go to Master Level?

    All that you have studied is valuable. This course is an entirely different way to work with Troubled Teens, Young Adults and their Families. 1st degree is the foundation. We focus on how you use the skills we will share with you. That is what will help you get to Master Level.

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