Online Mentoring of Young Adults and their Families

If you are someone who really wants to help Millennials (people in their teens and 20’s) succeed and rise above their challenges, I would strongly suggest you let go of the idea of traditional therapy of young adults (therapy in your office) and consider online mentoring for young adults.

Online Mentoring of Young Adults and their Families

The advantages to mentoring teens and young adults from the comfort of your home is obvious but it is the advantages of online mentoring for Millennials that is so powerful in this system.

When Ken Rabow, the founder of World Wide Youth Mentoring Inc, began mentoring troubled teens, young adults and their families, he would do so in his home office and sometimes went to their homes. What become clear to him was that in these clients homes, their room was their castle and the vehicle out into the world was through the window of their computer’s screen.

Ken starting bringing his laptop over and sometimes the client and Ken would Skype in the same room, so that the client could Skype-text things they wouldn’t say out loud but also share websites, videos, and even music that was meaningful to them.

Slowly, Ken started Skyping from home and it was clear that using their medium for seeing the world (the Internet) was the best way to get them back into the real world.

One of the techniques Ken teaches in 2nd degree mentoring is how to accompany clients out into the “real world” with us on Skype, so we share the world they go out into and help them feel safe going out, meeting new people and succeeding in the world.

Ironically, Ken has used Skype to get troubled teens and young adults succeeding at going out into the world when traditional therapy never started from their safe place (the Internet).

If you are interested in going past Mentoring young adults and want to become a professional Mentor, learning a proven approach that helps each client build up towards personal success, read through this site cover-to-cover (so to speak) and then contact Ken for a consultation.

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