More On Our Methods Mentoring Young Adults

Mentoring Young Adults requires many skills. 

As a Mentor In Training (MIT) at Mentors Professional Workshop you will be working on ways to allow your clients to break free of their fears. To heal their anxieties. Finding themselves making good life choices and being able to learn from their mistakes instead of retreating from them.

Being a great young adult mentor requires four  things:

  1. A non-judgmental curiosity.
  2. The ability to truly listen and go where the client takes you.
  3. An organized yet flexible plan for moving forward.
  4. A great and kind sense of humour.

All of these things will be nourished in your work with Mentors Professional Workshop and you will be supported in your Mentoring through World Wide Youth Mentoring. Offered clients, Resident mentoring support for your first year of practice and Live Forums to share you success and frustrations as a Mentor for Teens, Young Adults and their Famillies.


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