Life Coaching Young Adults to Succeed at University

This is the time of year where old habits get in the way of troubled teens and young adults in school. The Just-in-Time habits from high school have not helped in mentoring young adults to succeed in school.

In fact, they have raised a lot of university student’s anxiety levels about whether they will or will not succeed to the point of the inevitability of failure.

I have good news and bad news.

Bad news: The likelihood of them sharing these troubles with their parents is between zero and not-a-chance-in-hell. Not because they don’t care. Because they often care too much and don’t want to disappoint and unfortunately, the internet has trained them to one great millennial truth: if life is overwhelming there are unlimited ways to get quick gratification through gaming; facebooking; youtubing and many other wonderful diversions.

Good news: Chances are your Millennials really does care and just doesn’t know how to move foreward.

Here are five simple steps to help your millennial master decent marks in university:

1) Your calendar is your friend. Write down in your calendar all of your classes (one color) all of your tutorials (another color) papers (a third color) and exams (you guessed it). Put in reminders for the first class of the day and any classes that are after more than a one-hour break.
2) Pick your reading times in each day. Once you have your outline of the stuff you have to show up for, it is easier to figure out what days and times are best to do the required readings.
3) Reading requirements: Go through all reading requirements and keep notes about when you do what and how you do.
4) Gravitate to the kids how care area. There is usually an area in classes where students are who actually are their to do work. Get in that area. Make connections with the ones that seem like they might be good to create study groups with .
5) Your teachers and T.A’s are your best resource. When s**t hits the fan and you are having problems, teachers and T.A’s are a great resource to get on track.

I train Life Coaches and Mentors to work with troubled teens and young adults struggling with these issues and what we find is that families the invest in a Mentor for the children are helping the whole family succeed.

Success in school: success in family communication; success in organization and so much more. Consider getting a Life Coach/Mentor for young adults as one of the best investments you can ever have.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!


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