Life Coaching Teens in the 21st Century

Being a teen life coach has changed completely since the new millennium. Using “old style” methods for life coaching teens is only successful with a small percentage of Millennials. (Those born between 1987 and 2000) and those who are following in their footsteps.

To find out why life coaching teens and life coaching young adults has changes so profoundly and how to bring our life knowledge to this amazing generation, we have to understand what makes them so different and then how to mentor / life coach young adults using these new techniques.

  1. Teens and Young Adults live online.There is no “real world” where the average teen or young adult that you would mentor feels comfortable in. Our job is get them to feel comfortable by starting where they live; online! That makes online mentoring of young adults the most powerful starting point. We shall use it to get them to be successful in the real world but we must start where they are.
  2. Life Coaching Teens means “piercing the target”.This is one of Ken Rabow’s favorite methods. If you are life coaching teens and life coaching young adults you should be aware of the fact that whatever you talk about, i.e. Sputnik (no, it never comes up in conversation , as you mention the name, your Millennial has opened 12 different tabs on the subject. Millennials have a very wide knowledge base with not much depth (outside of what really, really interests them) and don’t know how to take the things they have profound knowledge into any other part of life.Why? Because when you see every possibility, it’s impossible to start as it means you aren’t doing the other 11 choices. This is why we teach “piercing the target”. Just starting little things and learning to stick their metaphoric toes in the water.
  3. Communication with adults is fraught with judgments and dealing with the parts of life that suck.If you want to be a teen life coach, you have to start focusing on their goals and not what isn’t working. Too many people live their lives by their labels: ADD, Anxiety; ODD; Aspie, etc. We are not our labels. When you train with Mentors Professional Workshop to become a professional Mentor for young adults, you will learn the GCS. How to create goals, challenges to those goals and the first sign-posts of success. We amplify what we focus on. MPW will educate you on life coaching teens and life coaching young adults towards success. You will become a non-judgmental ally in their hero’s journey and you will learn how to re-introduce the best of these young adults to their families, teaching all of them great new ways to communicate.

If you are interested in going past Mentoring young adults and want to become a professional Mentor, learning a proven approach that helps each client build up towards personal success, read through this site cover-to-cover (so to speak) and then contact Ken for a consultation.

Your journey to life coach teens and life coach young adults and their families begins here.

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