How To Know If Mentoring Is For You

Research how we help you become a professional mentor.

Check out our courses, Ken's Huffington Post Articles and the pricing. This course will help you grow as a professional mentor for young adults. Growing in your professional and personal life with family, friends and all of your professional encounters.

Understanding the investment.

There are two investments. Your time and your money. As my Mom would always say "you get what you pay for". Also, is something seems to be too good to be true, it usually is".

We offer you a career that is so rewarding, it is hard to explain that feeling you will get when you see a young person and their family happy for the first time in years. Knowing that you helped guide the steps they took. Each time a new Mentor In Training (MIT) gets how this work is different, you see a light go on in them. It is that exciting to learn our process. A process Ken Rabow, the founder or World Wide Youth Mentoring has been working on for decades.

So, we are giving you something that will change your lives, enrich you emotionally and financially. What are we asking for in return?


Time: We want one weekend for the entire year. Followed by 12 consecutive Thursday nights, for two hours each. There is a 4 - 5 week bread between each mentoring semester. There are three of these twelve week sessions before you graduate.

Money: What are you willing to invest to make a starting salary of $35 an hour, with no costs of advertising or website work. We offer you clients matched to how we have seen you grow as a mentor for young adults during your work with us.

The cost is $184.95 every two weeks for 12 months, plus a registration fee of$199.95

You are worth it!

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