The Mentor’s Credo

The Mentor’s Workbook is a complete program to help young people find their success in today’s world. The work is based on the mentoring I have done with young clients since 2001, helping people who felt unable to succeed find their personal power. To start the mentor’s workbook, I recommend beginning with the information below. You can delve further into the subject(s) at the links at the bottom of this page. Enjoy! Ken

What is a “Mentor”?
Mentor was a character in the Homer’s mythic poem the Odyssey. Mentor, the son of Heracles and Asopis, was a friend of Odysseus who put Mentor charge of his son Telemachus. Later on Athena visited Telemachus disguised as Mentor and helped encourage him to go on his hero’s quest. So, the father had sent for Mentor to help Telemachus and Athena acted as Mentor, both to help the young man find himself.

As Mentors, we take on the task set out by Odysseus, the parent, to guide, help and encourage our Telemachus, our mentee, towards their hero’s journey.

To this end, I have created a Mentor’s Credo: The values that will guide our process of mentoring.

    The Mentor’s Credo

1. Mentors serve the client/protégé/Telemachus/mentee
2. Never leave a stumbling block before the blind
3. A truth told before its time is worse than a lie
4. A Mentors goal is to witness the Telemachus’ greatness and guide them on their path towards it.
5. The only gifts of value are those earned
6. Earned gifts are equal whether they are small or great
7. When in doubt, honor the small gifts earned
8. Be humble
9. Enter the Telemachus’ world as a curious bystander
10. You are not their friend. You are their Mentor
11. Mentoring is best done at a distance.
You have succeeded when they leave.

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