Becoming a Professional Mentor for Young Adults

Why Become a Mentor for Young Adults?

So many Boomers and Gen x-er’s are searching for meaning in their work life and yet, so many Millennials find work meaningless. Becoming a professional mentor for young adults is a great way to do that and also really help this amazing Millennial generation reach their potential. I believe that these young adults have what it takes to change this world for the better in every way. It is our generation who have let them down and then accused them of being self-centered, slackers who sleep and slave away on their superciliously synced smart phones. (I’m in an “s” mood today ☺)

While there is so much good to be had in mentoring young adults, there are two sides to even that coin. With all good things there is yang to the yin, the blessing and the curses (B’s and C’s) that one could never have imagined when starting upon this journey. Having been a mentor for young adults for over 16 years, I thought sharing my experiences on the B’s and C’s of this would probably work... but first….

Here are some thoughts from one of my newest Mentors In Training, Sean, about what he was seeking in becoming a mentor for young adults

Hey Ken! I really am looking for a change in my life. Call it turning 50,. or a mid-life crisis. Call it being fed up with not feeling like I do something worthwhile for human-kind. Hell, call it a person being fed up with their corporate job.
I want to feel like I make a difference. Like I've helped someone. Leave a mark ... even if it's only in a small way.
All this being said ... I still have four mouths to feed, a mortgage, car payment and three kids to hopefully put through university. And currently I make a good living doing what I do (even if it is from behind a cubicle wall) So making a change is scary. Naturally.

No doubt you are a charismatic, well-spoken, polished individual that seemingly loves what he does and teaches. Can I take some of what you have and make it work for me?

The answer: Yes! The people who have become professional Mentors were able to take what they were taught and make it their own. They do it part-time in the first year after training so they can slowly transition into a successful mentoring practice to either augment their current income or create a full time Mentoring career.

The B’s and C’s of Becoming a Mentor.

Top 5 blessings of being a mentor for young adults:

5. It’s all done on Skype, so your pits and mouth can be stinky and you’ll still seem like you know what you are talking about. (but take pity on your dog’s olfactory receptors)
4. No traffic jams! No travel time to work! Just get your computer on, fire up Skype and Robert’s your father’s brother.
3. Imagine! Millennials sharing their thoughts; completely and totally honestly, thanks to the judgment-free environment you create.
2. You learn the coolest things about what’s happening in the connected world; people; songs; apps. Hey, I heard “Badger, badger, badger, badger” way before my any of my friends did... if they ever did.
1. After being with you as their Mentor for six to eighteen months, they graduate and know how to deal with anything life will throw at them with grace, wisdom and unflinching eyes on the prize.

Top 5 Curses of Being a Mentor for Young Adults:

5. As a result of being on Skype all the time, with no clients to sneeze or pass gas in your general direction, you are more susceptible to the various colds and flus when you do venture out. (Who knew those kids sneezing
on the teacher in class were doing them a favor?)
4. The internet service providers of the world seem to have it out for Skypers. It can be frustrating sometimes… frozen images… missed words occurring most often when you absolutely need to hear every word your client is sharing.
3. Imagine! Millennials sharing their thoughts; completely and totally honestly, thanks to the judgment-free environment you create. (This is a blessing and a curse.)
2. Try explaining Badger to your “grown-up” friends or why (name of funky group) really is cool. (sigh… caught between two generations).

The Kicker: 

1. After being with you for six to eighteen months, they graduate. You are sort of Mary Poppins for f**ked up kids. You heard them. They listened and then they must leave the Skype-nest. It is a sad time and a happy time.

This is what I live for in every hour that I mentor young adults and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Finally, I would like to emphasize, that it is such an honor to earn their trust and help guide them to their inner greatness. Helping the families go from major daily scream-fests to the truly loving relationships they were meant to have is simply icing on the cake.

In conclusion: surrender to your special skills of sharing the secrets of success to Millennials and start your sojourn from a snooze-fest existence to inspiring slackers.

Join us!

Learn to Mentor Millennials.
They are our greatest hope.
We need them.
They need you.

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