Why Mentoring Young Adults Is So Important

The Internet is changing how young adults experience the world

The problem is, the educational systems have not kept up. Mental health specialists are also playing catchup with the growing challenges for young adults. This makes it difficult for many young adults to succeed in life. The search for a good life coach for young adults keeps growing in demand and will continue to do so in the future.

Why are things so challenging and so different for these generations?

The past two generations, Millennials (1983 - 1998) and Generation Z (1999+) have grown up in a world where they no longer believe anything older generations tell them. They have been bombarded by "false news", false advertising and non-stop spam. This ends up in them spending most of their time deleting what the older generations say to them.

When you live your life online, your "word" only means something until it is deleted. This form of impermanance leads to an odd phenomenon. "It isn't lying... I just wanted to save us from having any confrontations". "I was doing it for you". What is remarkable is that you will learn a method of working with them where, for the most-part, they will enjoy being truthful.

What is their Moto?

I spend most of my day deleting things you send to me. So if you tell me something I am not going to believe it unless you prove it to me?

How does being a Mentor for Young Adults Help?

We never lie. We don't throw recipes to change their lives at them. We listen. We empower them to make wise decisions. We help them look at the effects of their choices in a judgment-free setting. 95% of them will grow and thrive in that environment. This is what we train you to do. Each time. Every time. It is a wonder to see their growth every time and it is always their success you get to witness.

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