Substance Abuse – Pot Addiction

65% of the young clients I treat have “issues” with marijuana when I meet them. There may be others out there who do fine with marijuana but they don’t come to see me. The ones that I see have some or all of these factors playing on them at once:

Procrastination problem
Organizational issues
Lack of communication
Tendencies to self sabotage
Difficulties facing “the truth”
(add your own here)

When you put these together with a daily use of marijuana, you have a recipe for failure; drama; and a cycle of hopelessness.

So how do you get them to see “the light”?
It begins by having faith in these individuals, that by letting them discover the roadblocks, free of judgment, that they are putting in front of themselves and offering them a simple, effective way to start succeeding at things that they enjoy in their lives, they will seek creative and original ways to self-limit their addictions in a way that make sense to them.

The problem is that all the mainstream ways that people have demanded of them have not worked, so they may have given up on thinking that there is a solution. But once they are inspired to look for a new solution, and to realize through simple concrete examples that they can succeed, they choose to succeed.

I have seen this system work over and over again.

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