Proven Methods For A Successful Practice

If you have been considering mentoring young adults on your own,

you know that creating a practice to be a mentor for troubled youth without guidance and support can be very difficult. As a Professional Mentor trained by MPW you will find the skills, and new ways of thinking to create a successful long-term practice.

As an MPW Mentor, you will learn the secrets for having a successful practice,

How to interview and identify good, long-term clients. Enjoying a successful practice with  a mentoring system that has you booked one month ahead and paid in advance. You will discover a work / leisure  ratio that is outstanding. Spending a minimum amount of time outside of your sessions on the client. In learning our MPW note system, you can give your all during your paid sessions and never burn out.

This course will teach you how to;

  1. Communicate effectively and drama-free with young adults
  2. See your clients in a positive light beyond their “issues”
  3. Unlock their hidden potential, and
  4. Create success for young adults where there was only failure and self-recrimination before you.

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