Learn To Mentor Young Adults From Specialists In The Field

Our whole focus is mentoring young adults and their families. We are experts in this. Ken Rabow, the creator of the program, has been mentoring young adults since 2001.
This course is Ken's desire to pass on his vast knowledge of helping young adults to you.

You will be part of a program designed to help you mentor teens and young adults in all sorts of scenarios. Low self-esteem, self-sabotage, anger issues, pot addiction, video-game addiction, anxiety and so much more.

This is what we do and this program will help you transform into a professional mentor who can really help these young adults succeed. You will also learn how to create harmony in a family that may not have had any for a very long time.

Mentors Professional Workshop is there for you during your training and we support you during your career by offering you clients, continuing education and a forum to share experiences with other Mentors.

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