Create an Outstanding Client-Mentor Dynamic

Mentors Professional Workshop (MPW) offers you the opportunity to make a real difference in a young person's life. 

Make a real difference in your work while building a great career for yourself mentoring young adults. We teach everything you need to know to become a professional mentor for young adults online! You will learn how to build the client-mentor dynamic. Helping clients with issues such as: school failures, anxiety, low self-esteem, marijuana addiction, failure to launch and more.

Learn the Art of Creating a Client-Mentor Connection in 5 Minutes!

Yes. That's all the time you have (and all the time you will need) to show your skeptical client that you really are the one to help them succeed when they have not been able to in the past. Our system will train you exactly on how to make that connection, how to cement that connection on the 6th session and how to create on ongoing client-mentor team. The sole purpose is the help your client grow and succeed on every front.

All the Tools You Need to Create a Great Client-Mentor Connection

You will be trained until it is second nature to you. There are also practice sessions where you get to act out the methods you are learning with a Master Level Mentor there to support you in learning how to bring out your best through our proven method. That means, it doesn't matter how you learn, visually, auditorially, kinaesthetically, intuitively or  logically, we will help you become a professional mentor for teens and young adults.

The Secret to a Great Client-Mentor Connection.

Your client has everything within them to help you guide them to greatness. That is what is so special about our work. We teach you how to get out of the way but to open the path



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