Join a Community Mentoring Young Adults

Create The Life
You Want to Live.

Create a rewarding career mentoring young adults and their families from your home online.

Are you that person who loves helping young adults succeed?
Are you tired of doing great work at your day-job that does not fulfill the best of you?
Do you wish you could love going to work every day and really making a difference in the world?

This is what we do!

As mentors for young adults, we don't merely fix what isn't working for a client, we help them find their personal greatness.

You will learn how to create an open bond with your client, allowing them to share their truths and empowering them to create a path towards success.

With one intensive weekend of training and 36 weeks of one session a week, you could receive the training to join us as a professional mentor for teens, young adults and their families.

Create The Career You Want to Embrace.

Bring All of Your Life Experiences, Your Caring, Your Humor to Mentoring Young Adults.

Being a great young adult mentor is not just about creating a safe place for the client and learning to seek out their greatness through the challenges. It is also about bringing the best of you to a place where you can share that with your client to help them grow.

All of the things that have made you who you are will help you learn how to help clients help themselves. Your triumphs. Your challenges. Your heartbreaks. Your fears. All of that will make you a greater Mentor.

Your truths as a human being will help you help them find their truths. In some ways, it makes all the good and the bad in life worthwhile, because all of it will help your clients do better in life.


Create the Connections You Want to Build

Join a Community of Fellow Mentors All Passionate About Mentoring Young Adults.

It is truly wonderful working online from  home. Having clients work with you through Skype or Zoom is a great way to work and still have so much time for yourself. No commuting. No loud people in the next cubicle (no guarantees if your dog sees a squirrel though). You will also learn to take great notes while with your client (as you are at your computer facing them). That means very little extra time besides the time you are paid for.

Here's the challenge. You will love the connection with the client but you will miss sharing what you learn and having people to get feedback to unless you are working with an organization that promotes mentor communication, which we are!

Yes. Through World Wide Youth Mentoring Inc. (WWYM) you will have access to getting clients from us, continuing education, live workshops and monthly mentor chats. There also opportunities to work as a facilitator for the MPW workshops for mentors of lower degrees.

This helps you feel you are part of a community. You have connections that will become incredibly meaningful. This is such an exciting and moving profession but no one really understands the depth of the work the way your fellow Mentors will.

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After doing your due diligence, ask for a Free 15 Minute Consultation

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