1 Minute Meditations

Welcome to 1 Minute Meditations! Daily quick exercises to help you transform each day into something that brings you towards your own personal greatness. There is a daily theme and a weekly theme.

The daily themes are explained below and they are constant. The weekly themes are based on Ken's book: "The Slacker's Guide to Success". Each month follows one of the 12 chapters of the book.

These meditations are designed for people studying our program to become Professional Mentors for Young Adults but everyone is welcome to use them! Please share them with your friends. They appear on our facebook page as well as our twitter account.

As a Life / Mentor for troubled teens, young adults and their families, my job is to help young people find their personal success when they have only had people focus on what was "wrong" with them in the past.

1 Minute Meditations is a companion daily exercise to Mentor's Workbook, based on the same weekly form and connected to my different articles that ultimately work with my 13 Chapter Book "The Slacker's Guide to Success".

Try them! They really change how you perceive your day and they're direct from whatever it is that inspires me... Ken Rabow

How to Use These Meditations:
Check out each daily exercise and try to find three times in the day to practice them.

The Daily Themes:
Friday: Observe Something Special
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Share A Meal
Monday: Communication - You Listen
Tuesday: Generativity (adding something meaningful to your day)
Wednesday: Communication - You Share
Thursday: Free For All! (Whatever floats your boat - spiritually 🙂

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