The Mentor’s Workbook: Introduction Part II – The Entitlement Generation

It is in the future and the now that you must re-learn about your own children.
This is the key to finding their way to success.

To find that future we must first look at what makes this generation different.

First we must ask ourselves: “Is it really different?”
Didn’t every generation talk about how much better they were to their elders then the present generation (it’s funny how much better we are as kids in retrospect) and is it not a common complaint?

Yes! It is the eternal complaint about each generation.
Having said that, there are reasons why this generation is truly different than most of the others that preceded them. I say most because the entitlement generation has some common links with the generations that fought in the two “great wars”, as well as a few very big differences.

Those two great generations saw their entire world change in the span of a few short years.
All the things they knew for certain, all the truths they took as being the way of the world were changed forever and you really couldn’t keep ‘em down on the farm after that.

Like those two generations, today’s generation of teens and young adults experience world shaking changes on a regular basis in everything they know:
how they consume their music, from physical cd’s to proprietary mp3’s on their computer to the cloud; How they communicate; from home phones, to cell phones, to emails, to texting, to face-booking; how the world works – constant advances in computational computing guarantee that many “indispensable” jobs of middle and upper middle management will soon be gone alongside the disappearing industrial jobs.

Children today are bombarded by people gaining instant world-wide fame for the bizarre to the infamous. How can they ever compete in making their mark?
The reality television’s ravenous appetite for championing people who crave their 24 episodes of world fame at any cost is smothering the dreams of the average child. Perfection attacks them from every media.

When every voice is modified and every picture photo-shopped to create perfection how can children compete? What should they aspire to?
Perfectionism is causing many kids to not bother trying. When every desire is catered to by every means, what benefit is there to “striking out on your own”?
Better to act entitled than to try for small personal successes. And there you have it.

So what is the future?
The future lies not in the vertical thought processes, nor the linear assembly lines, it lies in the lateral thinkers in the age of ideas.
The future belongs to this generation and it is through ideas based on their personal goals and beliefs, nourished by a daily routine of personal development that this will become the greatest generation ever.

I believe in this generation because I see it in my clients.
Young people who come to me stuck. Unable to succeed, who, with a few simple steps towards self-actualization, take to it like a duck to water and soar.

Now we must look at the raw deal parents in this generation have been given and how to give them back their rightful place as the shapers of this great generation:

Stay tuned for part III.

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