Become a Mentor for Troubled Teens with Low Self-Esteem

If you were going to break down the two most important factors that limit troubled teens and young adults these days, it would have to be attributed it to 1) social anxiety and 2) low self-esteem.

Millennials these days can look into their window onto the universe AKA  their computer screen and see people excelling, being"Liked","Friended" whatever else is buttoned for things but they never could do.

If the assembly line led to a certain alienation in the average person because they no longer saw the process of creation from start to finish then the world of Internet has made the barrier to success staggering.

This is just one of the reasons why young people who compare themselves to what they consume as media feel dwarfed.

Thanks Mom!
Another challenge is the over promoting that parents began to do in The 70s and 80s to build up their kids self-esteem. It has actually led to the opposite effect we're met with the crushing reality that they weren't the next Wayne Gretzky or Michael Jackson or Donald Trump (thank God).

Our job as life coach / Mentor for troubled teens and young adults is to help them choose simple goals, acknowledge the challenges to those goals(Themselves) and choose the first indicators of success. This is as opposed to "what will they do 10 years from now that will be super famous".

By having reasonable small goals and having us as mentors helping them learn, non-judgmentally about what worked and what didn't work and how we can modify, millennials begin to slowly as surely learn to believe in themselves.

This works every time, Without fail. This is also something taught to my mentors-in-training in the first degree of our training.

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