Once a Week for 36 Weeks

Just two hours a week over 36 weeks can transform you into a professional Mentor
Becoming a Mentor for young adults is best done over time, giving you the opportunity to reflect and practice all that you learn. You will join an interactive and inclusive live course. Encouraging you to absorb, share and practice what you learn with us...

Books, Videos & Support Online

Work for home online. No extra fees. Books, videos and mentor support all included
In becoming a mentor for young adults, you will be working online. Mentors Professional Workshop prepares you for that buy giving you notes, videos and support from your computer...

3 Degrees of Mentoring

Begin mentoring young adults online, once your 1st degree program is complete.
If your basic goal is to help young adults succeed in life, you may choose to focus on 1st degree mentoring. 2nd Degree and Master level help young adults with mental health issues or Aspergers Syndrome...

  • 1st Degree Mentoring

    1st degree mentoring is a great deal of the usual cases we are called for. These young adults failing at school, young adults with anxiety, young adults with pot or video game addiction (or both) are...

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  • 2nd Degree Mentoring

    For those who are mentoring young adults and want to do more, we offer 2nd degree mentoring. This is where you begin the work of mentoring young adults with mental health issues; depression in young adults,...

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  • Master Level Mentor

    Becoming a Master Level Mentor allows a Mentor to work with every kind of troubled teen and young adult problems. This also goes for extremely challenging issues involving parents as well. Mental Health: Depression, Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia,...

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Subjects for Mentoring Young Adults Include: (A = All Levels, 2 = 2nd Degree, M = Master Level)

  • School Failures (A)
  • Organization Skills (A)
  • Communication Skills (A)
  • Self-Sabotage in Young Adults and Teens (A)
  • Video Game Addiction (A)
  • Pot / Marijuana Addiction (A)
  • Parent / Client Conflicts (A)
  • Anger Issues in Young Adults and Teens (A)
  • Depression in Young Adults and Teens (A)
  • Anxiety in Young Adults and Teens (A)
  • Eliminating Negative Self-Speak (2&M)
  • Mental Health Issues (2&M)
  • Aspergers Syndrome (2&M)
  • Parents who Sabotage (2&M)
  • Self-Advocating (2&M)
  • Leadership Development (M)
  • Educational Consultations (M)
  • Career Planning (M)