Corporate Mentoring for Millennials

Course Outline

Thank you for your interest in Corporate Mentoring for Millennials! In these courses, you will learn how to effectively select and communicate with the ideal Millennial employees and coworkers, while transforming office conflicts into stronger working bonds. We will demonstrate, how to empower your Millennial employees to embrace their best selves and increase your ROI.

These courses are completely customizable for your organization. We will work with you to build an enriching course tailored to your company's needs.

Who are we?

Mentors Professional Workshop (MPW) is an organization with over 15 years of experience mentoring and coaching millennials, dedicated to training businesses and life coaches to successfully mentor Millennials.

Who do we help?

By teaching organizations the proven way to mentor Millennials, we help the organizations, the HR staff, the managers and the greater community benefit from all the great things Millennials can contribute to their 2nd home (your business), their community and the world at large.

Who should take this course?

This course is designed to help Senior Leaders, HR Professionals and Front Line Managers navigate hiring the right millennials for their organization. Once on board, MPW shows you how to keep Millennials, engaged, fulfilled, and ultimately committed brand ambassadors.

One Day Course
Choose three of the following

  • Hiring and keeping the right Millennial employees
    • Discover the missing key required to engage the right Millennial employees and help them become loyal brand advocates
  • Enhancing generational communication
    • Once the Millennial's true mindset is engaged you will experience productive open communication channels between Millennials, Gen X'ers, and Boomers
  • Empowering your team
    • Through mentoring Millennials, you can connect and empower your employees to their individual and collaborative full potential
  • Motivating your team
    • By combining Millennial and Gen X mindsets, your company will enable employees to shatter plateaus, increase efficiency and build passion for their careers
  • Mentoring your Millennial employees to success
    • Embrace a proven method to engage, navigate and ultimately guide your Millennial employees to reach their best self both professionally and personally

This One Day Course includes three implementable take away items for easy integration into your business to ensure their success.

Two Day Course

The two-day course includes choices from the first five options above plus the following five. Choose any five of the ten choices:

  • How to approach challenges or undesirable outcomes
    • We are either getting it right or we are learning. We will share with you the proven skills in conflict resolution and problem solving transforming challenges to newly discovered successes.
  • How to diffuse situations
    • There is a myriad of reasons why Millennials do best with an approach that helps understand the dynamics of a situation gone wrong. These techniques help solve the crisis and build trust.
  • How to win clients and influence Millennials
    • Help your Millennials and workforce in general master the art of truly listening, creating good back and forth dialogue and respecting the "other" in any conversation.
  • Asking Millennials questions or giving commands
    • Learn how to engage Millennials and get them to own the things you need them to do.
  • The Magic of Mea Culpa - inspiring Millennials
    • Showing Millennials that we make mistakes and owning up to them is sometimes the best way to get Millennials to believe in us and be willing to go the distance. There's real power in sharing our own challenges

The Two Day Course includes five tangible takeaway items for easy integration into your business to ensure their success.

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