Class 01 – Mentoring the Mentor for Young Adults

This is the first class (after the weekend intensive) of Mentors Professional Workshop – learning to mentor teens, young adults and their families. And what do you think I would want to start with on the grand journey? You! You must lead by example. That example is not “look at me! I’m doing the same…
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Anxiety is the Mental Health Disorder of Millennials

Anxiety is at epidemic proportions these days in teens and twenty-somethings. It stops countless people from living full lives. Often, the symptoms are misread or minimized, so that many young adults that I mentor come to me trapped by their anxieties but not knowing how to deal with them. Now for the good news: There…
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Get Support After You Graduate

Lots of courses promise you a great career. You pay. They teach. You get a diploma, a slap on the back and a "good luck!" and your on your own. Through World Wide Youth Mentoring, you will be offered your ideal clients based on what you have helped us learn about you over your year…
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