Are Millennials Are Greatest Hope or Our Biggest Problem?

CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s all want to know!

These days I am being asked by the “C’s” in organizations to give workshops on how to bring Millennials into big business and I really enjoy the experience of sharing that knowledge. The most frequent question I get is:

“Is it worth trying to “fix” our Millennial “problem” or should we just skip the “pain-in-the-ass generation” and wait for the next one coming up? (They seem easier to deal with)”.

Before I answer that question, let me tell you how I know what I know about Millennials:
I spend over 1,000 hours a year one-on-one life coaching young adults, who have given up talking to Boomers about why they are having problems because they feel they are never truly heard.

I help these Millennials find their personal power and get them to excel in whatever field they set their hearts to. What I discover is that once they are no longer focused on the label foisted upon them and start to build up simple small successes… they have greatness within them.

I have no doubt that they will be leaders in their fields one day soon and change a great deal of how business is done. Also, as of 2015, Millennials have overtaken Boomers as the biggest demographic ever!

To learn how and why we should mentor Millennials in the workforce, let’s look at an unusual source:

Finding the right people that we seek in the new paradigm:

In an article entitled: “Why doesn’t anybody copy Apple?” Asymco’s Haroce Dediu said the following:

“It’s complex, it’s subtle, it defies explanation but it’s not magic. It’s a process that requires a degree of faith and fortitude. It’s collecting but ignoring data and trusting judgment when data tells you to move in a different direction. It’s a lot of willful rejection of conventional wisdom. It’s asymmetric approaches to competition. It’s art as much as science. And most of all, it’s a lot of mind-numbing polishing while trusting that only by doing great work is survival even possible.”

That is also the definition of the Millennials that we meet.

Here are some questions every business should ask themselves today: 

1) In a changing world, where desktop computing and marketing will be meeting the same fate as the Pogo stick, Fax machines, and Blackberrys, how can your company evolve while embracing Millennials, the first generation who experience life through social media on handhelds. A new generation who really want to impact their work environment in a profound way but require a whole new way to mentor them.

2) When do you have to shift to a new mindset before this generation becomes the new demographic of change makers in the next seven years?

3) What means can you employ to stay relevant when all of what is perceived of as the client landscape is changing faster than a rabbit at a fox convention.

Here are three simple things you can do to embrace, empower and mentor Millennials:

1) Open, honest and direct communication: Millennials in the workforce want to know how the tasks they are undertaking will make a difference in the overall goals of the place they emotionally invest in. The more clarity they have on an ongoing basis, the easier it will be for them to embrace the reason your company is/will be great.

2) Lead by inspiration: A key incentive for Millennials is happiness; down the list is financial gain. Help them be in an inspiring and enthusiastic work environment and make sure that the work is based on tasks and goals not a time-clock.

3) Opportunities for growth: Millennials want to grow as professionals and as people. Creating opportunities to learn and evolve are vital to attracting, retaining and engaging Millennials. Mentoring programs can help the entire culture grow your business and industry by letting the unconventional meet a new business landscape.

There you have it.

A beginning for a new way to look at one of the greatest generations since the great war. Embrace them! Dialogue with them and whenever possible, avoid commanding them… this is not <em>that </em>generation. This is the generation of asymmetry.
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Mentoring Programs for Young Adults

There are many life coaching programs and quite a few mentoring programs for young adults these days. The biggest question you have to ask yourself is: “Does this speak to me and my goals in helping people“?

If your focus is on helping young adults or troubled teens, make sure the mentoring program you choose is focused expressly on that. That requires a system that covers the big picture from: Anxiety; Low Self-esteem” Lack of organization, etc., to the simplest daily challenges like sleep-wake routines, homework planning and communication skills.

World Wide Youth Mentoring is a mentoring program that not only helps unblock troubled young adults but helps them find their “hero’s journey” and keep them on the path towards success.

Finding the right mentoring program:

Make sure that the focus of any program you choose is about helping young adults succeed first and foremost. That there is long term training available and that you will be supported once you being mentoring young adults to have the opportunity to grow in a community of like-minded individuals.

Our mentors program “Mentors Professional Workshop” is a complete program that helps the Mentor In Training (MIT) go through the same process we want our clients to: a slow steady self-discovery and a new mindset focused on achievable goals vs. “fixing what is broken”.

By bringing a person towards their success mentality and letting them discover what works, what doesn’t and how to make changes free of judgement, we allow these mentees the opportunity to deal with anything life can throw at them.

Learn more about it right here! Have a question? Check our our FAQ’s or ask for a free 15 minute consultation with Ken when you are ready for the next step.

Read our “Mentor’s Credo” for an idea of our mission.

Good Luck!

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