Becoming a Mentor – Consultation Prep

Thank you for showing an interest in becoming a Mentor for Teens, Young Adults and their Families.

That already says so much about you. To save your time and make sure this is the right program for you. I would like to make clear what we do, how it works and if all that makes sense to you, I look forward to meeting you for our Free 15 Minute Consultation on becoming a Mentor.

Timing for Interview: I only do a few of these consultations a week, looking for the ideal Mentors to join us so if you do book, please make sure you are ready right on time for our call. If for some reason you can't do it, please cancel the appointment to allow someone else the opportunity.

Whatever you choose, let me say, the world needs Mentors and if you have made it to this page I know you are on the right path.


Ken Rabow

Becoming a Mentor: How it works:

Mentors Professional  Workshop is an online school dedicated to helping people become professional mentors for young adults and their families.

The course is given online.

Courses begin either in May or in September of each year. (click here for schedule).

You are required to do the following
One full weekend (either May or September) online
3 Semesters of 12 weeks of Thursdays (2 hrs per week) with a 4 week break.

Upon graduation, you may work for yourself as a Mentor and/or work for World Wide Youth Mentoring Inc. (WWYM) (That's us).

Becoming a Mentor: Mentor's Earnings

1st degree mentors earn $35 per hour
2nd degree mentors earn $60 per hour
Master Level Mentors earn $95 per hour

One must complete 1st degree and then mentor clients to be eligible to take the next degree. The intention is that you will have made more than the cost of the course back in the first six months of mentoring.

Becoming a Mentor: Cost of course:

Registration $149.95
12 -Monthly payments of $299.95

Money back guarantee - If you take the first Friday night of the weekend course and are not satisfied, you may ask for a complete refund (minus registration) that evening.

Now if you are ready... let's get this mentoring started!