Mentoring Young Adults is Our Focus

We are all about Mentoring Young Adults and their Families.

This is our expertise. This is all we do. Parents are in desperate need of help for young adults and you will get the skills from us. Everywhere you look there are families suffering with young adults with anxiety, young adults with depression. Young adults failing to thrive.

Mentors Professional Workshop is a vehicle to share some transformative discoveries by Master Level Mentor Ken Rabow. Ken has been life coaching teens and young adults since 2001. He created a system based on his study with a great drum Master, Jim Blackly, who taught Ken the art of life through drumming. As Ken was seeing Millennial challenges in these music students, he began to create a system based on several different teaching that would address these challenges.

The system works!

Eventually, Ken realized that he would need to share this with more people who really care about helping young adults, so that the system could live on. He also wanted to recreate all the pieces he had in place to help the new mentors.
A complete online, live training program.
A powerful web presence to get the right clients to the right mentors.
A support system of higher level Mentors helping the 1st or 2nd degree mentors with unusual challenges.
Ongoing life-long training and mentor emotional support.

That is what Mentors Professional Workshop does for your Mentor training.

That is how World Wide Youth Mentoring supports you in your Mentoring career.

Check out more about Ken's journey by clicking here.

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