In a Nutshell About Us

  • Get Support After You Graduate
    Lots of courses promise you a great career. You pay. They teach. You get a diploma, a slap on the back and a "good luck!" and your on your own. Through World Wide Youth Mentoring, you will be offered your ideal clients based on what you...
  • Mentoring Young Adults is Our Focus
    We are all about Mentoring Young Adults and their Families. This is our expertise. This is all we do. Parents are in desperate need of help for young adults and you will get the skills from us. Everywhere you look there are families suffering with young adults with...

Advantages of Mentors Professional Workshop

  • 1. We specialize in mentoring young adults.How to start a powerful relationship with a young adult you have never met in 5 minutes. How to begin to empower them in one session. How to create a one year program. You will learn all of this through our proven methods.
  • 2. We support your mentoring career. From the moment you graduate, World Wide Youth Mentoring is there to support you with client leads tailored to you. Forums to support your learning and more.
  • 3. $2,000,000 Insurance Through World Wide Youth Mentoring's program, Lloyds of London insures all our graduated Mentors.  Giving you the peace of mind that you are protected from law suites and other issues that can arise in the life of a Mentor.

What Can Professionally Mentoring Young Adults Do For You?

Create a Rewarding Career.

Discover the ways to bring out the potential in young adults by mentoring young adults in an intuitive, organized manner.

Feel Great About Helping Others.

One of the greatest feelings in the world is using the schools you acquire at MPW to help someone stuck in life to success.

Improve Personal Relationships.

The young adults you mentor aren't the only ones to benefit from your new mindset. Family life improves as well!

A Good Living from Home.

No more traffic. No more in-between running. The clients come to you online. Letting you focus on your practice.

Why Does Mentors Professional Workshop Work so Well?

The same mentoring system helping mentor young adults will help you become a professional mentor.

Great changes come with slow, consistent mentoring connected to a well designed long-term plan in personal growth. That is how we help mentor young adults and their families to success and that is how we will help you change mindset to become a great mentor, a true sounding board and a non-judgmental advocate for true change for young adults.

  • Personal assessments to make sure this is the course for you
  • Live teaching and support in small pods.
  • Engaging and interactive live classes from home
  • Opportunities to practice everything you learn with your pod.
  • Online videos available of your classes for review.
  • Online notes of all classes available for you.
  • Access to Master Level Mentors for support.
  • We want you to succeed as a professional Mentor.

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