Meet Ken

In music, it is not the notes on the page that move us -
it is the soul you instil in them that inspires great communication.
That is what it is to be a Mentor.
- Ken Rabow
About Ken Rabow

Ken Rabow is the Mentor’s Mentor for troubled teens, young adults and their families.

For people seeking a new career in life coaching / mentoring young adults: Ken's system help transforms you from an interrogator focusing on the problems into a detective seeking solutions towards micro-successes and building personal self-worth. You shall become skilled in helping young adults redirect their mindsets towards a solution-based action plan. Judgment-free and individually tailored to every client.

Here are some of the things you will learn to work on with your clients:

  1. Find their personal power to rise above their challenges,

  2. Learn positive ways to communicate and listen - free of fights,

  3. See and own their part in their present situations,

  4. Embrace a better way to succeed in life, school and relationships.

You will also learn unique, powerful methods to resolve issues such as:

  1. Depression in young adults and teens

  2. Anxiety in young adults and teens

  3. Self-sabotage

  4. Video game addiction

  5. Pot addiction

  6. Mental health issues

  7. Anger in teens with Asperger's syndrome

Ken’s “outside-of-the-box” methods have had great success with people for whom traditional therapies, counselling and medications have not created the long-term success they had hoped for.

Ken's History

Ken Rabow has been working as an intuitive therapist since 1995 and as a teacher and musical director since 1980. Originally creating and running Musicians Professional Workshop in Montreal, a music school that focused on different teaching techniques and learning styles for learning music, Ken put an emphasis on inviting students to bring what they learned in class into "real life".

Starting in 1995, Ken also began working as a Reiki practitioner and soon added many alternative disciplines to his healing practice. The most powerful modalities were holistic therapy and meditation.

He ended up being the "go-to guy" for several psychotherapists when their clients needed a different view on their life challenges. Working mainly in English, Ken decided to continue his practice and his music in Toronto.

In Toronto, Ken went on to teach at several schools including the Toronto Heschel School as a music specialist focusing on projects that enabled students to create their own music and find their own voice. During this time Ken continued to see holistic therapy clients privately.

It was during this time that Ken began working individually with students whose needs were not being served by mainstream education or therapy, causing them to fall between the cracks. Issues such as public speaking, listening challenges, learning challenges and incontinence. Ken also began working at this time with special need students at the Muki Baum Association as a music director, focusing on projects that challenged and inspired students of all learning styles.

Ken developed a reputation for thinking outside the box in his teaching and therapy. In many cases, Ken was able to guide people to heights that others had said were beyond these client's reach.

As Ken's younger clients went from middle school into high school, some of them began requesting work for issues of constantly self-sabotaging their school lives. This began the whole concept of Real Life Coaching which was a culmination of all the different experiences Ken had up until then.

Helping young people find their personal positive power through simple daily routines based on their higher goals and the challenges to those goals.

This has become a passion and a personal mission for Ken, the idea that some of our future leaders are seen in their troubled youth as people incapable of succeeding when all they need is a non-conformist way to find their strengths.

Ken also works with adults with similar challenges as well as teaching people public speaking, clearing phobias and active listening skills.

Ken has begun giving motivational speeches for parents, teachers and young adults on the power of Real Life Coaching - to empower young people who don't respond to traditional guidance.

Ken posts blogs right here and offers up-to-date information on his workshops and webinars through his newsletter. You can also check out his precious articles at the Huffington Post as well as his podcasts at iTunes. (Just do a search on "Ken Rabow")
In 2015, Ken created World Wide Youth Mentoring Inc. for the purpose of training potential life coaches in his training method as well as for offering parents and companies the possibility to share in online and live public forums to learn how to help people in their teens and 20’s succeed in today’s world.

By the fall of 2015, the first Mentor’s In Training had begun their first degree training with great results. Each MIT has spoken of the fact that they are learning an entirely new way to mentor, support and guide their clients towards personal success. Freeing both the coach and the client from focusing on the who, what, where and why things went wrong to learning how to make goals, fall down and rise back up again and grow from every encounter.

The “guest clients” that these mentors have worked with (under Ken’s supervision) have been amazed at the transformation of the MIT’s skills in just two short semesters and the best is yet to come! MIT’s speak about how this is helping them both in their professional lives (as most have life coaching young adults as a second career) and their family lives.

Ken’s goal is to create a whole community of life coaches / mentors throughout the world via Skype to help bring back what has been lost by the dissolution of the village life. Each mentor shall become that beacon of support to teens, young adults and their families everywhere.

Come join Ken on this very worthwhile quest!

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