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  • Is the mentoring you do only in person or do your mentors also work on the phone? I am a life coach with a focus on working with young women, mostly 17-32. I currently live in southern Spain and my clients are in different places around the world so I conduct my work mostly through Skype or WhatsApp.

    The work we do is meant to be done mainly through Skype. It works well in person but is designed to allow our Mentors to work World Wide.

  • I find your program very interesting however I am a little confused about the pricing for the 2nd and 3rd degree professional mentoring program. The pricing page says that for the 2nd degree "You must be earning more than the 2nd degree fee (same as the first)". I can only guess at what this means. By "first" are you referring to the registration fee for the 1st degree? And when you write "You must be earning", I assume you are referring to earnings through coaching and not earnings from other sources. Correct? If so, are you referring to earnings per client session, per month, per year? Thank you!

    Hello AnnaBeth,

    Thank you for such a great question!

    To begin: I'm going to give you the "big picture" behind this reasons for how we have set up the second (2nd degree) and third years (Master Level Mentor) of training. (There is a fourth level by invitation only to become what I am - a GrandMaster Mentor but that is a discussion for another day :-)

    The goal of this whole course is to create a movement of Mentors throughout the world using the system I have Mastered over the past 15 plus years.

    Their are two intentions in this 1) we want to have it grow slowly and organically at first so that every higher level is the best of the best and 2) my dream is to offer inner-city kids and aboriginal kids who are struggling but whose families can’t afford this system the possibility to be the "practice clients" for 2nd degree and Master level MIT’s (Mentors In Training).

    To this end, we welcome whomever passes our interview to take the first degree course (there are two tests at the end of each semester, one only gets a degree if they have passed the final semester exams), but in order to reach 2nd Degree Mentor, we want people who are successful at being a first degree Mentor. To that end, we will only take 2nd Degree mentors who are making at least $10,000 a year as a first degree mentor (three full time clients) before they are permitted to take the next level. (Maximum earning for 1st Degree is $35,000 a year for part-time work, 20 hours a week).

    We don’t want you to have any more outlays of your own money past the first year of studying with us. That means we have to be good enough to help you succeed in your practice and you have to be good enough to build a practice.

    One more thing we have added to help with that success is that there is now a Resident Mentoring program so that graduating 1st degree Mentors will have a senior person working with them for two 30 minute sessions with the clients every month, as well as spending time supporting the Resident Mentors until the practical applications of what you have learned are ingrained and you can soar on your own.

    We will be training you to create your own local practice but we will also be offering you our considerable resources to get clients through us, if you want to.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    Best regards,

    Ken Rabow

  • Who will I be studying with?

    During the weekend workshop, you will have time to meet all of your Mentors and will be introduced to your pod. The pod is your group for the year.

  • Are we allowed to record the weekend workshop or weekly classes for review?

    All classes are recorded and are made available to you within 24 hours of class.

  • Audio and video recordings of client or parent sessions - keyboard technique / I can type ok. Ken, what are your thoughts on recording in this area? Is it an area to hone in on for a specific a face to face consultation or reviewing someone else and be proficient with note taking?

    Audio and video recordings of client or parent sessions are at this time not allowed. There are so many problems with Millennials having photos, recordings, etc mess up their lives. We much prefer the Mentor typing. Even when clients have been at my studio for sessions, I would type away as we were speaking. The notes were less than perfect spelling-wise, but i would adjust any completely off words after the class and the notes were good-to-go. No one but WWYM will see the notes,so as long as they allow you to know what went on, and where you as a Mentor need to go, they are fine. Your typing will improve without noticing it while doing the work.

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