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This is the greatest job I've ever had!
Each relationship is rich and meaningful.
Each client is different and the satisfaction is amazing. - Ken Rabow
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Being a professional life coach / Mentor for teens, young adults and their families provides one with constant fascinating life experiences. When you learn the techniques to free someone from looking solely at their limitations and inspire them to look within and start to build day-by-day micro-successes that enrich their lives, you see the universe through different eyes in each hour you share with them. That inspiration is what leads me to write my books, my articles and speak publicly about the many marvels of this fascinating generation. . . Ken Rabow

The Slacker's Guide to Success

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The Mentor's Workbook -
The Slacker's Guide to Success

Personal & Professional

There are so many places offering life coach training. Your mission should be to find one that specializes in your passion. If your goal is to life coach / mentor troubled teens, young adults and their families and you are willing to do the work to completely change your mindset while learning from every client, you have come to the right place.

  • 1st Degree Mentors earn $35 per hour
  • 2nd Degree Mentors earn $60 per hour
  • Master Level Mentors earn $100 per hour

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What Our Life Coaches/Mentors Have to Say About WWYM

This program strives to focus on the positive qualities of Millennials and how best to transform their abilities into positive outcomes rather than a discussion on how to establish control over them.

- Jason S

Ken's stepwise approach of teaching, mixed with facts, concrete client examples, and plenty of opportunities for questioning and discussions has already helped change my mindset and given me a deeper perception of my listening skills in new ways that have already proven useful on a regular basis both personally and professionally

- Janet R

As we approach the halfway mark of the first semester of the First degree I can confidently say that I already have a better understanding of the way in which Millenials perceive and interact with their personal and professional environments.

- Aaron S

In my line of work (and regularly in my personal experiences) I had often perceived a lack of direction and focus in many of the Millenials I interacted with. So when this course was brought to my attention it certainly peaked my interest as a way to further develop my ability to communicate and thus effectively motivate and manage this very capable demographic. I found Ken’s method really made a difference.

- J.P. Dowd

Life Coaching Young Adults With Mental Health Issues

January 24th, 2016

Become a Life Coach for Troubled Teens with Low Self-Esteem

January 24th 2016

Being a Life Coach for Young Adults with Social Anxiety.

January 24th, 2015

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