Monthly Archives: October 2016

Anxiety is the Mental Health Disorder of Millennials

Anxiety is at epidemic proportions these days in teens and twenty-somethings. It stops countless people from living full lives. Often, the symptoms are misread or minimized, so that many young adults that I mentor come to me trapped by their anxieties but not knowing how to deal with them. Now for the good news: There…
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Mentoring Young Adults – Ken’s Mentoring Moments for the day

Hello fellow Mentors! Mentoring young adults means having to look at our own selves and learn for our Mentoring Moments. Today's Mentoring Moment: A happy pinball and a sore thumb. Those of you who know me, know that I am a bit of a pinball fanatic. I say "a bit" because I know people who…
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Schizophrenia is not a four letter word.

Meet Drake. At 15, He felt unsafe around his friends when he was at home. Afraid he might show his "quirks" and they would judge him or maybe say mean things about him. Alone at home a lot, he started to imagine "another me" to keep him company. No one knew. At school he was…
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