Monthly Archives: January 2016

Being a Mentor for Young Adults with Social Anxiety

I'm not sure when social anxiety became the Number one issue for the millennial's that I mentor. I would guess I started seeing it grow a lot between 2005 and 2010. You might think it was connected to new waves of terrorism and mass killings endlessly portrayed in the media but I believe that place…
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Mentoring Young Adults with Mental Health Issues

The challenges of life coaching young adults with mental health issues are numerous and can be daunting. Real life coaching, the system that I have put together since the beginning of this new millennium (makes it sound like a long time, huh?:-) really works with one special caveat. When not to work with mental health…
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Become a Mentor for Troubled Teens with Low Self-Esteem

If you were going to break down the two most important factors that limit troubled teens and young adults these days, it would have to be attributed it to 1) social anxiety and 2) low self-esteem. Millennials these days can look into their window onto the universe AKA  their computer screen and see people excelling,…
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