Monthly Archives: September 2015

Life Coaching Young Adults to Succeed at University

This is the time of year where old habits get in the way of troubled teens and young adults in school. The Just-in-Time habits from high school have not helped in mentoring young adults to succeed in school. In fact, they have raised a lot of university student’s anxiety levels about whether they will or…
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A Life Coach’s Take on Nicole Arbour, Fat-Shaming and Bullying

Hello Nicole, You are not alone. There are lots of people who look like you. Lots of people. When they see someone like me who is overweight, they make judgments. When I am at my present weight (I have gained and lost Arnold Schwarzenegger's body weight several times over during my 50 odd years) and…
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Mentoring Millennials – The Difference Between Heaven and Hell

How do we Mentor Millennials and get them where they need to go? Start with where you are... So here we are. A new year has begun. Your Millennial is back in university and you are hoping that last year's effort (best described as crap-tabulous) will not be repeated. Horrible marks. Terrible self-talk/self-image. Massive anxiety.…
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