Monthly Archives: February 2014

50 Easy Exercises for A Happier Life

Hey parents! Stop for a minute. Take a deep breath and realize that in most cases your kids will end up fine despite your worst fears and worries. Yes, there are cautionary tales out there but if you are reading this, you are one of those parents who really care and spend the time searching…
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The Slacker’s Guide to Success – Step 12 – A Full Life

Helping Millenials Have A Full Life Just imagine… A happy, successful, life where play-time is as fulfilling as work-time and learning-time. Relationships become opportunities for joy, sharing and lots of close, meaningful contact that is mutually satisfying. But seriously, we’re talking about a full life for teens and young adults. Let’s face it, the teenage…
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1 Minute Meditations

Welcome to 1 Minute Meditations! Daily quick exercises to help you transform each day into something that brings you towards your own personal greatness. There is a daily theme and a weekly theme. The daily themes are explained below and they are constant. The weekly themes are based on Ken's book: "The Slacker's Guide to Success". Each…
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