Are You That Mentor

who loves to help young adults succeed? Become a Mentor for Young Adults and their Families and Transform Lives Online!

Why Us

  • We Specialize in Mentoring Young Adults
  • We mentor clients world-wide online
  • Program covers a wide range of interests
  • Our online presences offers you clients when you graduate
  • Parent participation is incorporated into our process

Investment / Return

What are you willing to invest to have a successful,  life-long practice mentoring young adults from your own home online? Become part of a world wide youth mentoring program with opportunities to grow in your field!
36 hours - online on-demand classes
6 hours live practice mentoring
3 Written and Oral Tests
3 Payments of $500 or
1 Payment of $1,295

Our Capabilities

  • Our mentoring system guarantees you success
  • We are leaders in mentoring young adults
  • We are dedicated to promoting mentoring young adults online worldwide
  • Our program is clear, well designed and promotes personal growth
  • We can help you have the mentoring career you have been searching for

Student Mentor's Feedback

  • Phil’s Testimonial
    Philip Rowland,

    Ken is clearly a master at what he does. As such, I've really enjoyed being thoroughly coached by him and having him drill in subtleties that I... Philip Rowland

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  • Z’ev’s Testimonial
    Z'ev Glick, 1st Degree Mentor 1709

    I was a client of Ken's for several years before deciding I wanted to become a Mentor for Young Adults. I love it! It's interesting seeing the... Z'ev Glick 1st Degree Mentor 1709

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  • Jason’s Testimonial
    Jason Munroe, Resident Mentor - 1st Degree

    Going into my second year as a Resident Mentor at World Wide Youth Mentoring Inc and a graduate of the 1st degree at Mentors Professional Workshop, I... Jason Munroe Resident Mentor - 1st Degree

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