• Are you that problem solver that
    people always come to?

    • Do you help people succeed past their challenges?
    • Do your friends naturally open up to you about their issues?
    • Do you love learning new things?
  • If you said YES!.. You are that mentor for young adults we seek!

    • Access your training anytime, anywhere online.
    • Learn from On-Demand Video Classes with Master Level Mentor Ken Rabow
    • Experience Live Mentor Practices with mentors working with young adults.
  • We take care of the business side,
    You mentor young adults & get paid.

    • We get you the best matching long-term clients!
    • Each client stays an average of 9 - 15 months with our mentors.
    • We take care of the business side for you: advertising, scheduling, bookkeeping, insurance and more.

Becoming a 1st Degree Mentor

1) Learn our 1st degree mentor program from the comfort of your own home. Discover a complete program taught to you in three modules.
Your commitment: 1 - 3 hours per week
2) Each module has 12-13 on-demand videos along with
live mentor practices with an experienced mentor.

3) Upon graduation, we get you your first mentee and then we add as many mentees as you would like when you are ready.

We find the perfect mentees for you!


"Ken is clearly a master at what he does."

- Philip Rowland, Resident Mentor - 1st Degree

"As such, I've really enjoyed being thoroughly coached by him and having him drill in subtleties that I didn't get from previous training as a Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner - this course has greatly expanded my overall skill set!

Add to that the fact he has created a whole tech and legal framework, with marketing, clients and billing totally taken care of, becoming part of this system has been a no-brainer for me.

I'm very much looking forward to working with young people who will shape the world to come, and unlike other training in Life Coaching and NLP etc, this system provides the supervision and a support structure to maximize success for all concerned."

"Would I recommend this to someone? Absolutely!"

- Z'ev Glick, 1st Degree Mentor

"I was a client of Ken's for several years before deciding I wanted to become a Mentor for Young Adults. I love it! It's interesting seeing the process from both sides now. Ken reminds me that the way he Mentored me is only one of dozens of ways that I will learn to mentor others. It really depends on what they need. I find the course challenging but in a good way. This makes me feel great about myself. I love helping others and have been inspired by the work being mentored has given me.

Would I recommend this to someone? Absolutely! But only if you are willing to show up every week, do the work and go the distance. You won't regret it!

"Going into my second year as a Resident Mentor at World Wide Youth Mentoring Inc"

- Jason Munroe, Resident Mentor - 1st Degree

"Going into my second year as a Resident Mentor at World Wide Youth Mentoring Inc and a graduate of the 1st degree at Mentors Professional Workshop, I can tell you this is the most satisfaction I have ever felt in anything I have done so far. I have done a lot of volunteering with youth, kids clubs, honor programs for kids but working one on one with a client who is lost and helping them find their way is just a moving experience.

I recommend this program to anyone who would love to mentor young adults. Don't let the one year training throw you off. That's what helped make me be the mentor I am today. I look forward to taking 2nd degree and then Master Level with Ken someday soon!"

Are You That Mentor who loves to help young adults succeed?

Become a Mentor for Young Adults and their Families and Transform Lives Online!